Reconceptualisation of Eames Blacktop: A Story of the Washing of a School Play Yard (1952)

The original Blacktop video saw the uncommon beauty from closeup shots of abstract shapes, forms and patterns created from the process of a mundane and common action of cleaning the floor, seeing the beauty between the interaction between the action of soap and water that are pretty much common and readily available in our everyday life.
Deriving the concept of “the uncommon beauty of common things” from the Eames Blacktop video, the concept is applied this mashup video; bringing the concept to things that happen in everyday life, that when you see a puddle of water on the ground that’s got petrol in it and it looks like a rainbow. It was a beautiful thing when it was quite, well not very beautiful. Oil and water don’t mix, they just intermingle and actually create beautiful shapes, patterns, and even creating rainbows in the sun’s reflection.

The mashup video works on the idea that oil and water don’t mix but they agree to peacefully coexist, that two not necessarily beautiful things make something beautiful.

The video is abstract in the sense that it would be an evocative process (mixing oil and water) by the means mashing up different videos like science experiment, homemade videos and artistic experiments and leaves up to the imagination of the viewer to figure out what is going on.

} 2013 DN1004 Foundation 4D Final Project {
Video mashup from footages available online

Video sources:

Refraction from Jesse Zanzinger (
The Science of a Rainbow from rachel freeman (
Oil and Water from Aziz Oulhiyane (
Kaleidoscope from Caitlin CJ (
Aerosol Amoeba from Pahnl (
Oil in Water from Shawn Knol (
Roofers from studio kola (
water and oil mixed - slow motion by Fluidmechanicsvideo (

Inspiration: the xx

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