Work featuring the 2013 Skylanders Swap Force. Texturing, shading and modeling.

1. Personal work. Role: Design, All Models, Environment Textures, Lighting & Compositing.
2 to 7: Skylanders SWAP Force created at Panda Panther.
2. Evil Greeble creatures: textures.
3. Series of character introductions: uprezing models, texturing and shading.
4. SWAP Force Character Washbuckler: uprezing model, texturing and shading.
5. Female Antagonist Villan: uprezing model, modeling, texturing, shading.
6. Greeble creatures: textures.
7. Elder Chieftess: texturing and shading of silk clothes.
8. Skylanders 3DS - Panda Panther. Role: Environment Modeling and Texturing

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