CLIENT: Funky Trunks
DIRECTOR: Duncan McLean
DOP: Tom David
EDITOR: Tom David

Continuing our important research into male underwear we have documented the fascinating behaviour of zoning out. When the conversation turns to the latest Sex And The City episode or the recent shoe sale bonanza, men can lose all conscious regard for their surrounds and go through the motions of everyday life completely zoned out. The danger for men is not waking up in time. Funky Trunks Underwear provide the perfect Zoning Out attire - if you wake up at a dinner party without the strides at least no one can argue you were under-dressed. Check them out at

This one day shoot was shot on the Sony F55 with a Cooke S4s primes kit and a selection of Nikon Zooms amongst the traffic. Mostly lit just using a single M16 with diffusion used for exteriors and bouncing off the ceilings for interiors.

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