REC MAN is a feature length movie that it is pre-production! It is an, action / martial arts / comedy drama which is the story of James Braxton aka REC MAN. He is trying to prevent his rec center from closing. in this scene, he finds out about the centers impending closure and asks some of the kids of the center their thoughts about it and decides to record it. Little does he know that somebody is recording him too! Note: Filmed at an actual rec center that is facing closure!
Executive producer: Shani Ramsey
Story, cinematography, digital non-linear editing: H. Wolfe III
Acton Cam: Tokkyo Fai'son
Audio: DeAngelo Hardman, Ulleisa Fai'son Lovelady
James Braxton aka REC MAN: Tokkyo Fai'son
Belinda Rice: Delaney Baynham II
Officer Forrest: DeAngelo Hardman
Tamika Love: Nadia Calhoun
Young Men: Tylan Riley, Phillip Garland IV, Jailen Tiggs
(C) 2013 Rainbow Visions Video LLC.

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