The project started with the research question, “How can Information Design be used to improve the Navigational Experience for new visitors at LCC?”

During my first visit to LCC, I found the mapping system inside LCC was very complex, and from investigating further I have come to the conclusion that a lot of current students have a lack of knowledge about the campus. After talking to the Associate Dean of Learning Environment and Communications Manager, “Accessibility” was the key idea for the project.

I was able to narrow down my research, resulting in the creation of an iPad app as a method of navigation. Using my technical abilities and knowledge, I decided to use Mag+, for its versatility, in combination with Cinema 4D to create the 3D elevation of LCC, with some help from Adobe Creative Suit.

The combination of all the programmes, allowed me to create an interactive app that will navigate new visitors to their destination within LCC.

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