A significant section of the 'This is your life' script is verbatim from Tom Cruise interviews on chat-shows.
We asked the brilliant Michael O'Mahoney if he might have time to make something using soundbites from Tom Cruise interviews touching on some of the themes of the play.

Info about 'This is your life show.'>>

A dark and spectacular show about a man caught in the spectacular apertures of show culture.

This new, inter-disciplinary theatre piece from Rennie and friends (Sisyphus, The Fall) uses music, movement, text and technology to poetically reflect upon a world in which our sensory systems are under constant assault.

Developed by Alex Rennie with company.

With music from the choir of Ellie Rusbridge, movement direction from Tara D'Arquian, costume from Oliver Cronk and design from Christopher Page and Clementine Keith-Roach.

Alex Forsyth
Pablo Meneu
Ottillie Parfitt
Lilian Schiffer

Ellie Rusbridge
Bean Downes
Georgia Duncan
Connie Jehu
Rossella Pedaci
Lotte Rice

12th-16th November 8pm

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