A week before our departure from Holland we had some problems with the DJI Phantom drone, it had crashed down after the propellers met a balloon high in the sky.. After the crash Dave had been really busy trying to fix everything (a new body was needed) but we didn't had much time to test it well. After a couple of small tests we started our journey and just hoped for the best.

Starting from Amsterdam we flew to Madrid where we were supposed to have a short stop to continue our journey to Brazil. Unfortunately when we tried to board the plane to Salvador we got refused: if you can't prove you're leaving Brazil within 90 days, you're not getting on any plane. A couple of hectic moments later we managed to book a random bus ticket out of the country which was enough to get us on the next plane only one day later.

Unexpected we now had a day to spend in Madrid, so a full day to shoot around and do some more tests with the DJI Phantom. We went to the Arganzuela Skatepark and met Francisco Ferreiro, a sick BMX rider who was in for some filming. We prepared our equipment and Dave took off with the drone. An exiting moment but unfortunately it didn't last long, almost immediately Dave felt something was wrong and had to take it down. We still don't know what's wrong until this day, Dave has spent hours and hours trying to fix, recalibrate, magnetize and to rebuild the drone, but nothing fixed it. Eventually we're just glad we noticed this problem in a skatepark instead of seeing the drone fly away from the Christ Statue in Rio de Janeiro ;) Nowadays we're flying without a GPS-module and it seems to work great.

Meanwhile at the skatepark Francisco was giving away a show and we couldn't resist taking some shots of him. After this unforeseen session we promised him some footage and created a small edit in the plane to Rio. Seeing it almost two months later we thought it's worth sharing with you. What do you think?

Odd Nosdam - Cop Crush


Sony FS700 + Mitakon Lens turbo
Canon 550D + Magic Lantern
GoPro Hero 3 Black edition

Carl Zeiss ZF.2 - 25mm, 35mm F2.0
Sony16-80mm Carl Zeiss
Helios 44-5 58mm F2.0
Tamron SP 80-200 F2.8
Sigma 10-20mm F 4-5.6

DJI Phantom drone + Gimbal tarot t-2d
Lanparte shoulder rig + follow focus

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