Well, yeah, it's another fishing video but it is more about an annual adventure. What makes a decent story? The chemistry of the people, the unknown, the interaction and the interpretation. Now add some music.

Every year we try to get the four of us together for this steehead fishing trip but this was the first time we could all time it right. The float is a stretch of river that has limited public access and is without a public road. That is the attractive element. The fact that the end of the trip requires you to run a formidable and narrow chute or portage over basalt and trail is always lingering in the back of your mind waiting for you to ease you focus. When you are enjoying yourself you can forget that and every other worldly thing that is otherwise meaningless. So off we go. You never really know what the weather will hold, if the snakes are still out, will you find good steelhead fishing or if you have brought enough or too much libation. What you are sure is that you will have a good time and you will have to deal with at least one challenge.

We also choose to harvest a few hatchery introduced fish for the smoker, a rare pleasure in the current state of fisheries affairs. The fish run and the fish were smaller this year but the adventure was Grande!

Music has always influenced my video style and it would be safe to say it influences most people's lives. This time around I got a little closer to putting something together as I see and feel it in my mind. The international flavor of the music stokes me even if I have no idea what the lyrics are but that is the magic of music. While we still concentrated on fishing and having a good time we did capture some of the events. I wanted to tell the story without narration and stylize it with some indie-ski-movie feel. I let the music push the rest of it. Still not a masterpiece but closer to my visions.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the artists whose music I have been inspired by and utilized. There is some awesome music in the world because of the creative minds of people like these...

Free Music Archive

Oriki De Oxum
Axial (vol1) by Axial

Japan Punk
netBloc Vol, 37: FIVE by netBloc Artists

Tab and Anitek - Sights and Sounds by Anitek

netBlock Vol. 35 Occupy Music by Anitek

Old Wild Men
netBlock Vol. 35 Occupy Music by Mute

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