Synopsis: still leading into the Luke 1 Magnificat. Since Mary will quote Haggai 2:22, this prologue still reviews other Bible verses illustrating what God means in Haggai 2:6 and 2:21, when He says He will 'shake the heavens'.

Verses are: Deut 32:8 and how it means the TIME ALLOTTED to Israel, with tie to Psalm 90 written at the same time, very brief (at 12 mins I mistakenly say that it's not divisible by 7 until 84 syllables, when in fact it's divisible by 7 at the end of v. 3, at 63 syllables, meaning VOTE SHORT); followed by Psalm 90 meter overview (using translation to block its sections); brief back to Gen1:2 and Angelic Conflict, followed by Isaiah 45 on Cyrus and tohu wa bohu in vv45:18-19.

Next, Isaiah 14 on Satan's fall. Then Psalm 110 on how Satan will be defeated, with tie to Dan 7:9-13; next, the meter pattern outline of Isaiah 53. Next, back to Daniel 9, closing with the reminder that the foregoing is part of what God means when He says in Haggai 2 (shown at the end of the video), by 'shaking the heavens'.

See 1 Synoptic for playlist description. Video made 3/15/12.

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