Still showing how Zechariah's speech, metrically interacts with the OT. Psalm 90 and Daniel 9 meter-and-text interaction is reviewed, with focus on the keywords Book of Zechariah will use. For his namesake Zecharias will reference all this in Luke 1, to play on the Magnificat, which plays on Psalm 90, Daniel 9, and Haggai 2's 'shake the heavens'. In short, a 'paper trail' of doctrine formed of a trail of interlocking verse references to show how the prophetical doctrines relate.. and fulfill Time.

We read Daniel 9 wrongly, because we don't know it's metered. Same, for Luke 1. So we only get Christ's birthday nearly right by accident, rather than by Bible. And we don't understand prophecy, at all. For we don't see it's been a SCHEDULE annually tracked in Bible from God, so of course we get Bible's dates wrong, too. Billions of wasted hours, angst and dollars, all because we won't learn God's Meter of Time, via the syllable-counting method which any schoolchild used to learn. Pity.

It might help to see my Magnificat playlist at this point, since these Synoptic videos serve to introduce it, after about Synoptic 12. The biggest proof of Luke's theme and the fact it's the second Gospel around which Mark 'wraps', is the Magnificat. That metered Time Poem sets the theme of Luke's Gospel, and the theme of Ephesians+Revelation, as well. For Chanukah was about freedom from religion, itself a schedule of days, just like the Chanukah of Our Salvation would be born and die according to a schedule. That's the parallel, in the Magnificat. Which parallel, Paul builds on in Ephesians, and John keys off Ephesians, to construct Revelation.

You would do well to read Euripides' play Ion, to better understand Ephesians, since The Seed is born at Chanukah 4BC, to kill the Snake.

All the related material is in . Htm copy is , and the pdf (now with all intra-doc links working), is .

Note: this video was made on 3/22/12, but wasn't posted until July. It was on 3/22 that I learned more about how Paul was playing on Mary.

See 1 Synoptic for playlist description.

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