Height/width of element: 16х16 mm.
Length with the lock: 180 mm.
You can wear Eyne bracelet as a single piece or in a set with Eyne ring and Eyne pendant.

Jewellery designed by JOKER is produced of the special brass-based jewelry alloy. This technological composition provides for the highest durability of a jewellery piece and filigreed work-out of its every element.

Electrolyte processing enables covering with gold, silver and copper. These three metals have their own meaning and value.
Copper may well be the oldest metal in use, as copper artifacts dating to 8700 BC have been found. Copper was associated with the goddess Aphrodite/Venus in mythology and alchemy, owing to its lustrous beauty, its ancient use in producing mirrors, and its association with Cyprus, which was sacred to the goddess.
The elemental alchemy symbol for copper is also the planetary symbol for Venus. As such, this symbol embodies such characteristics as love, balance, feminine beauty, and artistic creativity. Copper is also considered a solar emblem, and corresponds with the radiant features of the sun.

Electrolyte coating technology serves to guarantee the best quality and maximum wearability of coating.

JOKER Jewellery Shop creates informal and non-conformist jewelry, attributes and accessories in Gothic, Ethnic, Fantasy and Rock styles. The design and stylistics of our jewelry are based on various modern youth subcultures.
Creating accessories and jewelry collections we blend traditional technologies and modern design developments and approaches. JOKER Jewellery Shop has worked out its own new approach to jewelry modeling and found its original and recognized style. We are proud that today JOKER brand stands for absolute originality and the highest quality possible.

Original Celtic Collection bracelets conceptually feature various elements of Gothic, Ethnic, Fantasy and Rock trends, accentuating the central theme of the collection which is ancient and mystic history of Celtic tradition. This Collection is based upon history and mythology of the legendary folks.

Celtic craftsmen-philosophers believed that the God’s Eyes saw mistakes and that they worked exclusively for praising Him. The purpose of Celtic art was not reflecting of reality but expressing its religious philosophy. Ready pieces of jewellery were not for human eyes but for His Eyes for who of those having just mortal perception could esteem the world of eternity created by Celtic craftsmen…

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