The hotter the temperature the poorer all solar panels will perform. This is known as the solar panel's temperature coefficient rating. The temperature coefficient for a solar panels power output can typically be found on the solar panel's specification sheet and is typically labeled as Temperature Coefficient Pmax and is measured as a percentage of loss per degree Celsius that the temperature rises above 25 degrees C.

When it comes to performance, a solar panel's temperature coefficient rating is one of the most critical specifications that a solar panel can possess. Far more important than efficiency, power rating or negative tolerance.

When shopping for a solar panel, especially if you live in a warmer climate, you will want the lowest temperature coefficient rating that you can afford. Most crystalline silicon solar panels posses a temperature coefficient rating of .40% to .45% per degree Celsius.

Hyper X solar modules are rated at an incredible .27% per degree Celsius for far less power loss in warmer climates. Please visit to learn more about Hyper X solar modules.

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