Heintz - Jalen K. Cassell
Miguel - Chad S. "Warrior's Code"
Aoshima - George Doran
Ivanov - William T. Sopp
Mr. A - Elliot Pix31
Eva - Erin P. Macdonald
Emily - Dawn "Usamimi" H
Anna - Mrs_Malfoy22

Mixed by me

Additional effects downloaded from

The following is a fan-produced non-profit English dub. Memories, produced by Katsuhiro Otomo, is a STUDIO4°C production distributed by Toho Co., Ltd, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Magnetic Rose is written by Satoshi Kon, produced by Shigeru Watanabe, composed by Yoko Konno, and directed by Koji Morimoto. The voice talent involved in this project received no compensation for their recorded material. Please support the official release.

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