Hey guys! I decided to upload my series here on vimeo, since youtube is going through so much updating and crap. I rather be safe than sorry. If you haven't seen this series yet, here's your chance to watch it now from the beginning!
Brief nudity, and adult content, you have been warned.
***Original Description***
As promised DT Episode 1 has arrived ! Thank you everyone for 10 subs & all the nice channel comments,I will try to reply soon!

Divine Treaty(The Blissful Contract)
Tamera is a all around smart girl,she gets A's & Bs.One day as her and her parents are discussing her future Tamera feels choked.She becomes very stressed and excuses herself from the table.As she hides away in her room she goes on facebook to see one of the popular kids having a party the same night..Tamera tired of being a good girl decides to join in the fun,what happens that night changes Tamera for forever..

In this episode:Its party time ! & an unforgettable night for Tamera.
Thank you for watching and stumbling upon this video and staying until the end. ***SPOILER*** Sorry to disappoint, but this is NOT just a regular teenage pregnancy story, ohhh nooo. Keep watching, and you'll find out. Remember, never to judge a story by what your first impression is, especially not my stories, as they may not be what they seem. :']
I think I'll just leave this episode up, if you want to see more of the series, just leave some comments! And don't forget to see more and get updates come on down to: youtube.com/user/AiNoFilms
Thanks again for watching!

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