This is the description video we used for Texxi in 2005 - 2006 during our campaign in Liverpool. We then used the same campaign in 2008 on the Isle of Wight.

Texxi is a new way to enable point-to-point transport for all types of transit customers. This video explains how it works for customers.

The Transit Exchange for the XXI Century exists to represent "demand for travel" as a trade-able commodity on a futures exchange. Feedback can be left to allow the system to adapt to consumer preferences and allow proclivities for "quality of service" to be set.

Now mobile phones can be 'used as electronic thumbs' accessing rides from within the ambient flow of transportation.

The "river of empty seats" available on our roads at every minute of every day can now be accessed.

GIS, Data-Mining, Optimization Algorithms and Quasi-Predictive Analytics will permit all of this.

Geo-location, data-mining of available transportation services, machine learning techniques, market incentives, and modern mobile application technologies enable a great increase in the ability to detect and provide useful information to users in a real-time, safe, convenient, anonymous and secure way.

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