At the time I produced this video my knowledge of music production was very little. I mean, I know a bit more now but I've still got loads more to learn. [In my opinion a person can never learn too much].
I was messing around with sample packs and pre-made loops, I feel as though this type of music production is rather lazy as it is nearly a case of organising the samples. I have often been criticised for doing this in the past and, although there is an art to creating a track form fragments of beats I can see how some musicians would categorise it as 'cheating'. But I don't think that sampling and using plug-ins and automation to manipulate and warp is 'cheating' as then you are giving something a whole new meaning. So looking at both sides of the argument I feel as though sampling and warping is cool but just placing samples together is a bit on the lazy side.When I produced this track it was a bit of both, I used pre-made loops and did a bit of manipulation but if I'm honest, not much. But what about when a medium is introduced? In this case in the format of a video?
As with most of my work it all revolves around mental health and epilepsy. It is self-biographical and done with the intent to amuse and/or entertain.Whilst working on this I was quite down and rather depressed. At the time I was obsessing about man and machine and how functionality wise we are very alike. [In the terms of the human brain, electrical discharge and epilepsy]. Glitching and twitching I gathered a collaboration of footage from days gone by to constantly remind me, in the same way a computer re-boots, that there is more to life than epilepsy and poor mental health. If you refer to my track/video "he's like a machine" you can get a better idea of what I am trying to achieve as this is very personalised so for those who do not know me it might not be clear what is going on in the video. [If this matters].

As I have stated before though, at this point it was purely recreation really.

Thanks Mat :)

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