CDRT Disaster Relief Fund Update - November 2013

It is amazing how something that lasts for just a few short minutes, like a tornado, can cause destruction that requires months and even years for recovery. In times such as these, God’s Church is presented with a wide open door of opportunity to love extravagantly. Like the Apostle Paul explains in 2 Corinthians chapter 5, after realizing all God has done for us personally, we are compelled by Christ’s love to offer help to those in our community that have lost so much.

As a church family, Crossings’ amazing generosity has generated over 1.3 million dollars that continues to be used to show the love of Christ to disaster victims. Together, you have given not only financially, but you have also given extravagantly of your time. To date, well over 2000 volunteers have given thousands of volunteer hours to people they will likely never know personally.

Of the amount raised, approximately $750,000 has been distributed to victims in Moore, Bethel Acres, South Oklahoma City, El Reno, and most recently to flood victims in Colorado as we worked to help these victims through our ministry partners in Longmont, Colorado.

Facts: The following is a brief summary of the many blessings your generosity has been provided to so many.

–Hundreds of meals were prepared by volunteers for Moore and Bethel Acres to feed both victims and rescue workers.

–Multiple funeral services, resting places for those who perished, and monuments were provided to families who suffered greatest.

–Direct financial support was given to families who lost children for immediate needs, storm shelters, etc.

–Temporary shelter and long term housing was provided to many families.

–Hundreds of gift cards were distributed to assist with immediate and intermediate needs for supplies, food, clean up, insurance deductibles, equipment, clothes, mortgage payments, car payments, etc.

–Multiple replacement vehicles were purchased and provided to uninsured and underinsured victims.

–Multiple home repairs and roofs replacements, modifications to accommodate victim’s recovery (handicap accessibility), and fencing and debris removal has been completed.

–Thousands of dollars has been distributed to ministry partners providing relief to victims, including
Mid America Christian University
Fresh Start Community Church
Journey Church Norman
Serve Moore
Methodist Disaster Response

–A $200,000 gift was contributed to the Moore Public School fund to help Plaza Towers and Briarwood Elementary maintain an adequate educational environment while their new schools are being rebuilt.

–Dozens of back-to-school gift cards were provided to the families and staff of Lee Elementary in south OKC where families experienced major flood damage.

–Financial gifts were given to ministry partners in Longmont, Colorado providing help to recent flood victims.

–Hundreds of Thanksgiving baskets to families in Moore this month.

–$90,000 afforded a brand new home for a Bethel Acres family through Habitat for Humanity.

–Additional homes will be built in the next 12 months. Framing begins Saturday, December 7 on the second home.

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