When I was at uni one of my projects was to pick a brief from the D&AD awards and set that as my assignment. This was quite good as it allowed us quite a bit of creative freedom and it was quite fun too!
The brief I chose was to "create a TV Promo for E4 publicising their Monday Night Movie strand", which involved making a 30-60 second advert & a 5 second sting. [Which will follow].
A lot of the entries I looked at involved animation and everyone seemed to stick to the example theme "guilty pleasures" - I didn't really see the point in this as I felt that this was something that had already been covered so I decided to come up with my own title "Macho Movies on a Monday", which I thought seemed rather comical & suitable for the channels main target audience. [Plus I could imagine it been read by narrator Peter Dickson].
Unfortunately I didn't get to finish the brief in time and I was having problems formatting as I didn't use a camera with a widescreen lens :l

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