The "Future Ocean Explorer" is a five meter long interactive multi-touch table. Up to twelve visitors are simultaneously enabled to interact with articles, movies or animations on various topics of ocean and climate research.
Headphones offer the visitor to listen to interviews with the scientists.

The visualization is inspired by the deep sea. Swarms of typography allow visitors to 'fish' for information in a virtual pool of water and to go on a personal research trip into the science of the oceans.

The interactive installation was designed for the marine science cluster "Future Ocean" which researches the fundamental topics of ocean and climate change.
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Technical Concept und Development: Christian Engler
Art Direction: Michel Magens
Grafik Design:Jan Kiecksee, Michel Magens, Tom Duscher
Coding: Christian Engler, Jan Kiecksee
Animation: Michel Magens, Christian Engler, Tom Duscher
Project Supervision: Manfred Schulz, Tom Duscher
Construction: Manfred Schulz, Julia Fuchs

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