User Friendly Student Information System - CRM - Student Management System

School Command™ is the student information system (SIS) software product and CRM for education establishments to manage student data online. It is now available in the School Management Software Market. This easy to use product is available for use by various personnel including administration, teachers, and even students. It comes with a built in CRM for admissions to respond immediately to your prospective students, increase your enrollments and improve productivity of your admissions team. “The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was designed to help trade schools more effectively use data throughout student recruitment, retention and career placement.”, says Director of Sales at School Command™.

School Command™ is “The world’s most user-friendly Student Information System” and works in the cloud on platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The system uses various communications tools, charts, and reports built inside along with scheduling, reminders, tasks, and email capabilities. This allows teachers and administrators can take attendance, grade assignments, and communicate with ease.

Also featured is a built in web based SMS text system to communicate instantly. Alerts are easy to create and schedule. Admin and teachers can generate direct text announcements by program, course, classes, or by individual students. “The system immediately alerts our teacher if attendance was not taken after the class is over.”

With School Command™, career schools cannot garner any better of a user experience from every single member of the educational school. The systems supports effective, responsive, and meaningful communications and have simplified system management and administrative processes for easier user experience. It also includes improved productivity that helps reduce the cost of administrative operations.

What is unique about this system is it’s high speed and secure web server in the Secure Cloud. For users, this means there is no longer the need to install software at school. Their databases are fully redundant and adhere to the highest security and encryption standards in the industry. The system is also integrated in an all-in-one system that only requires one log in.

Founded in 2012, School Command™ is a Student Information System & CRM built in the Cloud with a mission to become “The world’s most user-friendly Student Information System”. The founding members of School Command™ have previously built tools and systems for companies including Kaplan University® and American Express®. The company offers both monthly and yearly pricing plans with added support and upgrades.

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