Dusthouse produced trailer for Arcade Production's production of The Shape of Things.

How far would you go for love?

If you’d do anything for them, would you do… anything?

At the edge of obsession, in the bleakest shades of morality, and with blistering and gut-wrenching consequences, join two girls and two guys as they get screwed, and screwed over, in this sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes hilarious play that examines the lengths we can go to for acceptance, the lies we can tell in our most intimate moments, and the meaning of art.

A modern day cautionary tale by one of the most acerbic and breathtakingly brilliant writers in the world, directed by Samuel Miller and designed by takis.

Production and Direction by Dusthouse. dusthouse.org
Many thanks to Henry, Stephen, Tim, Beki, The cast of Shape of Things, Arcola Theatre, Spesh @Lophonics.

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