We flew to Melbourne twice to film this lovely couple's prewedding and wedding film. If you haven't watched their prewedding, feel free to watch it here: weddingvideosydney.net/jon-alvinas-prewedding-film-labbit-love/

Jon and Alvina met through a business meeting that now became probably the most important meeting of their life because that business meeting turned into a lot more casual meetings on their own. They got married in a beautiful sunny winter day in Melbourne in a nice chapel in the city and had their wedding reception in the prestigious Crown casino with all the shiny chandeliers and beautiful decorations. But whats most amazing of all is of course the moments that were shared all through out the day, for example, the father of the groom speech.

There are those times in a movie where a supporting actor really plays a very important part in the movie and as some of you would know we treat our wedding films the same way as movies. In this case, Alvina's dad is that supporting actor that deserves an Oscar for his performance. Im sure that almost every eyes in the room were at least fighting for tears to come out that night. You can just tell how close he is with his daughter and how much he loves her and support her marriage. The way he told the story about Alvina's childhood was just so sweet and sincere. I particularly love his last sentence, "make a simple prayer every night, God bless our marriage"

So thank you Jon and Alvina for welcoming us to your world, to witness your love story and play with the cute Dora... :P We wish you all the very best and hopefully cacao green will travel to sydney cause we love itttt..!!

The Paper Cranes team
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