Lauren's featured guest is Merel Bakker. Merel traveled from Geneva, Switzerland to pay a special visit to Lauren in the great state of Texas. This interview reminds us all to try a little kindness. (and this goes for all ages!) Follow Merel on Twitter @MerelBakker1111
Merel's book Maks & Mila is available on Amazon

Merel Bakker (32) is author and creator of the Maks & Mila children's book series and the free SECRET SUITCASE app. She also hosts her own live show at Mom TV and writes blogs for the Huffington Post and TEDx.

All her work revolves around building sustainable happy lives in a fun and accessible way.

Both her books and the SECRET SUITCASE app, feature an award winning font that is easier to read for children with dyslexia. She also re-invests 30% of her profits into new books, which she then donates to Books With No Bounds and Room to Read, who will distribute the books to children and schools in need.


"Reading and learning are fundamental rights, just like being Happy and Confident. Both are also skills that can be learned, and it's my mission to make these skills accessible to all."

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