This video shows how to get a baby on your back who CAN SIT PIGGYBACK WHILE YOU BEND OVER. Please have a large mirror nearby so that you can check to be sure that your baby is in safely. It also helps to have a soft surface (couch or bed) behind you, so that if you feel you need to bail out at any point, this is easy to do.

I am using an Ergo Baby Carrier in this video (which is no longer sell), but the principles are the same and this technique can be used with the Pikkolo Baby Carrier, Beco 4th Generation Carrier, etc.

Once you get your baby on, GO WALK AROUND. Do not stand in one spot. A child in a new situation needs rhythmic walking movements for reassurance.

All carries are done at your own risk. Be safe and follow directions carefully, using common sense.

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