Header video for Youtube 'No Female Pastors!' (NFP) playlist ( youtube.com/watch?v=ahzQZJn2ZsI&list=PLB42B7FFB8159B0DB&index=1 ), originally posted 12/29/12. GIST: no female is a pastor, but we women do have other roles (like reporting, researching, librarian, witnessing). Vid is necessary, since women in particular keep trying to make me into a teacher. God says NO. Series shows FROM BIBLE, why. Series focuses also on women in Bible falsely claimed as teachers. Bible proves otherwise.

Reporting on what Bible says isn't teaching, either. And reporting is all I do. Sad thing, that people don't know the difference. Hence this video series.

Production Note: I can't find my original, so downloaded this from Youtube and remixed it with the 'newsprint' special effect in AVS4YOU Video Converter. Original video description follows, below.
Header video in NO FEMALE PASTORS playlist. Please view the playlist's 1 NFP to see important Bible citations which back up what's said in this video.

This shouldn't have to be said: talking about Bible is not teaching. If you talk about the weather, you're not teaching weather. If you talk about a computer, you're not teaching computer. So talking about Bible is NOT teaching it. Teaching is a specific professional office held by someone who has a specific congregation/group which PAYS him to do his job. He does it for the same group on a regular basis, and his job is to teach them an entire body of material. His job involves repeating information and watching the students to see if they are learning what he teaches. They are assigned to him, and he is assigned to them. He even sets rules for their behavior while they are in his class, but never outside his class.

Pastor-teachers have a 'flock' assigned by God to them for purposes of sharing out the booty of Christ's Thinking, Greek verb merizw used in Isaiah 53:12, and by Paul in Ephesians 4:16, Romans 12:1-3 (esp. verse 3), cognate noun meros and metron. Teacher is assigned his own PORTION to teach other adults within his 'flock', a congregation God sends him. So they underwrite his financial existence, so he can afford to spend all his time teaching them. That's the ideal as Bible provides it, from time immemorial.

Women never get that role. They never had it in the OT and they never get it in the NT. Women do have other roles. This video highlights those roles.

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