Accidentally double-compressed video (I'll fix it later). Apologies for this looking like it was filmed through a fish tank.

Using a Doepfer A-143-1 to control/trigger Maths. Maths is modulating channels 1 and 2 on the QMMG.

The sine out from a Z3000, with FM from a uLFO, is feeding a steady tone into QMMG channel 1 (modulated by Maths 4).

The triangle out from an Elf LFO is feeding a steady bass tone into QMMG channel 2 (modulated by Maths 1).

The tambourine sound is coming from a Boss Dr. Pad, triggered by the A-143-1.

I love how extreme a change Maths' response curve can have on its behavior. I only wish it was voltage controllable! And adding swing with gate delay-- fun, fun, fun.

I don't have a distro board for the top-rack of modules at the moment, which is frustrating to say the least! Soon enough I'll buy/build one, and can finally power the entire system. The Wogglebug and the Quantizer MUST meet!

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