Here's a transcript from this clip of Aleks speaking on a panel presentation we did on portable social networks:

"I have nothing that's going up here. You'll have to come to see my talk tomorrow to see some pretty pictures.

But what I want to talk about right now is... so why is all this portability important? Well, I'll give you an example.

And I'm going to kind of go lateral here but I have a theory that online games like World of Warcraft or Everquest or Eve Online (that we were talking about before, Tom), those are a form of social network. They may not be articulated social networks in that you've got a blogroll or in that you've got friends or various things like that but they are social networks because they have embedded interaction between people. You may have people that you are a contact with, who are your friends in these spaces.

And what happens is that people migrate in a phenomenal way. If one or two people's a beautiful tipping point example... if one or two people come into World of Warcraft and they go "Aw, this is absolutely awesome! You've gotta come in here!" And then you get everybody and their uncle coming into World of Warcraft, you get people like Joi Ito calling it the new golf; you no longer have to actually go out in the rain and go out on the green to putt with your boss. You can actually make these network connections and have these relationships inside this virtual environment."

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