Stereo music drawn by plotting left channel as X coordinate and right channel as Y coordinate. Music with 44100 samples per second yield about 1471 points per frame in a 29.97 fps movie.

The pattern drawn by plotting these channels is mostly a thin diagonal squiggle as the left and right channels are mostly the same wave. To 'open up' the pattern one of the channels is shifted, making more of a sin/cos relationship for certain frequencies.

Also, a couple of the experiments use trochoid remapping where the channel values plot to a trochoid. I forget exactly how this remapping was done (old stuff) but they are the ones that curl around a donut/torus space (samples: Different Kind Of Blue and Hunting Bears).

Also, I can't be certain but the first part (I'm Just A Lucky So And So) seems to be a little out of sync with Ella.

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