The Breathe concept was born from the jungles of Costa Rica by Drew Stevenson, former CEO of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour, who following a 20-year involvement with the sport retired to pursue other interests.

After spending nice months a year on the road in the middle of a media maelstrom, his sabbatical in jungle in the absence of easy access to the modern communication, marketing and media infrastructure fermented his new concept – Breathe.

Breathe, simply put, is a concept challenging an eclectic group of people to come together, disconnect from the grid for a second, to take a deep breath, think about how humanity is interacting with our planet – and take a second to Breathe.
The concepts by-line says it all. It is a platform for Intelligent discussion, focusing on Inclusive solutions, encouraging Active participation in addressing Social and Ecological issues to create greater Awareness.

The aim of Breathe is to find a tone that is entertaining to the viewer, transfers the importance of the subject and focuses on the small, yet positive actions everybody make in their regular day to day life. It will attack the inertia born of the belief that nothing individually people do will make a difference, while increasing the awareness and facts behind the issues and providing positive realistic actionable ideas.

The Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, was chosen for the first Breathe event, ideal for throwing the participants back into a living, breathing biosphere. Held over a week, it was a fusion of music, workshops, documentary screenings and activities based around local issues - this is a taste of the inaugural Breathe.

The movie produced by Drew Stevenson and Blickinsfreie features the event and its activities during the week while discovering the substainable projects of the international participants.

People like Terje Haakonsen or Nicolas Mueller are just examples of a high class field of people who are backing the Breathe concept in the movie. Interesting opinions as well as great solutions go hand in hand with stunning images from all around the globe.

Make sure to get your own high definition version.


Director of Photography: René Eckert / Blickinsfreie
Producer: René Eckert / Blickinsfreie, Drew Stevenson
Editor: René Eckert / Blickinsfreie
Music: Please see movie credits

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