The average commuting time in London is 56 minutes. This is also the length of my own daily commuting journey. I’m average. In November 2013 I have decided to take a record of my commuting in short videos of 56 seconds, one second per every minute of commute. The takes are shot at regular intervals. #1 and #2, for instance, are composed of clips of five seconds shot every five minutes, with few extra frames that make up an extra second eventually. #3 is shot at the rate of one second per minute. The subject of each shot is what is in my visual field, without a more refined aesthetic research. Every video starts with a touch in, and ends with a touch out.

These fixed rules allow me to capture the commuting with a degree of randomness, which mimics the random moments when, during the long commuting, I focus on my surroundings, rather than on my thoughts or a book. A black screen shot of four seconds is appended to each video so that the final length is one minute.

Making videos of my commuting has transformed it. As an ordinary, average, commuter, I judged every journey as extraordinary similar to any other; in fact, they felt identical. Capturing them on video has changed every commuting into a different experience -- a unique concoction of fragments of subjective perception deriving from a swarming multitude of people, from different physical environments and mechanical, as well as natural, sounds.

All the videos are shot and edited on an iPhone4 while commuting.

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