"Every year we come together for the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. We read out names and stand in silence but as Americans do we actually respect what happened and the memory of those killed that day?

When friends visiting from out of town asked to see the memorial I was apprehensive, afraid to relieve the hurt and pain I saw 12 years ago. Arriving to the memorial that apprehension quickly turned to anger and shock. From the brochures depicting the carnage to the countless "selflies" being taken I was appalled by the actions of the visitors around me.

Sitting by the pool representing a North Tower, one of my friends walked over, took a break from texting on her cell phone, and asked if I wanted to pose for a photo I was ready to breakdown. I decided that I would come back and try to document what I saw and how it made me feel.

I hope this film allows us to look into the mirror and figure out what it should mean when we say "never forget"."
- ANDREW WONDER director

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