Australia Property Market Trend and Analysis 2013 V2

We believe we are in the most exciting real estate in the region.

Whether you are in the market to buy a property for an investment or
for your own dwelling, the information presented here to definitely
help you to be better inform in the current property market.

Inside This 20 Pages Concise and No Fluff Report You Will Discover …
•Does knowing historical price trend help to determine the future price trend?
•How affordable Australia housing compare to the rest of world?
•Is the current interest rate cut enough to help fuel the slow housing market?
•Why apartment ownership an ever raising trend in the inner city?
•Which is the main contributor of high price in housing during last decade? Hint : Land or Construction cost
•What is the price expectation in the major states in the next 3 years?
•Is this right time to buy your dream house in Queensland?
•Queensland Property Market Trend & Outlook 2013 -2015
•Is Brisbane first annual housing price increase in over two years sustainable?

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