A mini documentary focusing on the perspective and struggles to survive of an Abatwa clan outside of Kigali.

The clan of pygmies in Rwanda called Abatwa were considered great hunters, potters, dancers and singers in the history of Rwanda but it is said that when the colony came the Pygmies were not recognized as a tribe. While others were taken into schools, the pygmies were considered bushmen and incapable of learning. But those pygmies are left alone by the rest of the society.

Cultural Background:
Similar to the Native Americans in the US or the Aborigines in Australia, Rwanda’s native people now live in close nit communities and face many challenges as the country around them continues to develop.

Producer: Yusuf Mago
Director of Photography: Oscar Niyigena
Camera Operator: Lievain Rucyaha
Editor: Methuselah Hakizimana
Audio: Lambert Kwitonda
Executive Producer: Emmanuel Etim

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