SABMiller - The Future of Farming: Food Security

With World Food Day falling on Wednesday 16th October, our food sources have become even more relevant. The world’s farms come in all shapes and sizes, with each serving specific roles in the communities they serve. Smallholders, despite making up 85% of the world’s farms, are not capable of producing large yields. Big farm’s intensive farming methods are efficient, though some of them damage the environment.

SABMiller believe there is a place in the economic ecosystem for both. With crops like barley, hops, maize and sorghum key to SABMiller’s products, it’s important to have access to fresh, good quality produce wherever we operate.

That’s why SABMiller sources its ingredients from both large and small-scale producers. And, whilst both have their pros and cons, each has a part to play in a world where the population is growing each day and the future of farming is as yet unknown.

For more information on World Food Day, visit:

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