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The Lord of All is the Lord of Time. In the Angelic Trial, which was introduced in Genesis 1:2, the Lord makes a Trial of Mankind to prove to Satan & Co., why their sentence is just. Part of that Trial is the Trial of Time Continuing. Believers are made to BUY TIME -- a bigger work than any human can do, obviously -- if they vote to be supermatured by God. You VOTE, by learning and living on Bible. That's the history God plots in Bible. Not what you do with your dead-in-Adam body, but what you BELIEVE and LEARN about GOD. That's the whole theme of the Trial, Hebrews 11:1 (see my three videos exegeting that verse).

In short, you are enabled By God to Buy Time for the Human Race. With Time, go the other accoutrements. Christ wasn't kidding when He said, 'seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you'. Yeah, the believer is to be a 'spiritual atlas', as my pastor once put it. Learn and live on Bible and that's what God will do to you and for the world! Better than money in a collection plate, huh...

This Buying-Time accounting begins in Genesis 5, which is here introduced. We'll see how the 'all the days of your life' clauses in Bible do NOT necessarily mean from BIRTH forward, so do NOT mean from Adam's creation, forward. Thus again we know that Genesis 1:2 is about Earth's Restoration, and doesn't even measure Time UNTIL Adam's fall.

The Genesis 5 roster and God's Rules for Time are the focus of Episode 8, which is quite long (several hours). You'll learn how to use the Excel worksheet I wrote to display this doctrine about Time, and you can vet it IN the Bible. Relevant links to do this, follow.

Worksheet: .
Synopsis of Bible verses showing how to plot the Time rules and read Time in the Bible: . Keep reading through 6b.

Main webpage on the topic: . That webpage's first white table also has many other links allowing full vetting of the material. It's the hub for all the Time doctrines. Unfortunately not all the videos show up, owing to glitches with Youtube.

Please be patient with my fixing the off-Youtube embedded playlist page to instead use the better vimeo list, . :)

Document 'hub' for all this God Orchestrates Time information, is .

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