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How To Appeal a Denied Claim for VA Benefits
VA Benefits Attorney | VA Benefits Claims Lawyer
Mark McMann, P.A.
Veterans Benefits Claims Attorney

Are you one of the thousands of Veterans who has been denied your claim for rightful VA Benefits?

Don't try to navigate the bureaucracy of the Veteran's Administration by yourself. Mark McMann is a former Army JAG Corps Officer, and has dedicated his practice to assisting veterans and their families to obtaining their rightful benefits by handling the VA Benefits Appeal process.

Nearly 30% of VA Benefits claims are denied for a variety of reasons, sometimes as simply as an improperly completed claims request. Let Mark McMann assist you in this difficult time. His loyalty and dedication to his fellow service members is something that you will appreciate, and the peace of mind knowing that you have a skilled professional handling this all-important step in your re-entry to civilian life.

Call Mark McMann today for a FREE CONSULTATION about your VA Benefits and find out the facts that you need to obtain a successful outcome of your claims process.


Mark McMann is a Florida VA Benefits Attorney servicing Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, Polk County and surrounding areas.

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