For Division III NCAA member LaGrange College, 1 in 4 students is also an athlete. They may not get a chance to play Division I, but they can play here! This recruiting spot is currently running in the hotbed of SEC sports: Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. This Director's Cut is written using ideas borrowed from Nike's "Possibilities" campaign.

Director: Jeremy Pinckert
DP: Jamieson Mulholland
Gaffer: Mark Barry
Grip: Mike Koske
PA: Robert Hodge
Production Manager: Dean Hartman
Production Coordinator: Lee Davis
Wardrobe: Cynthia Mayfield
Editor: Michael Dicken
Writer: Jeremy Pinckert
Colorist: Michael Dicken

Read about the MoVI Steadicam rig used in this spot and see longer versions of steadi shots in this ProductionHUB Blog.

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