Buying a car should be an exciting experience, but unfortunately it’s often rather frustrating. All you want is find out the best price of the car. Instead, the dealer is trying every trick in his playbook to squeeze more money out of you.

There HAS to be a better way… was founded by a couple of guys in the car business, who were tired of the way the car business works.

What if there was a place with friendly salespeople, that could sell cars for less, had a great selection, AND gave you the best price right up-front, both online and in-person, along with a free copy of the vehicle inspection report? And what if they showed you what the competition was selling comparable cars for, so that you knew you were getting a good deal?

And what if the salespeople were team-based, and not commission-driven, so that there was no pressure?
Would you want to shop there? smart prices for smart buyers.

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