These scenes were recorded in the Fall of 2010 and 2011 in Central Illinois. While some think that these windmills are a form of visual pollution, I wanted to showcase the graceful beauty as they slowly turn. I have heard complaints about the noise they make, but I didn't notice anything more than a low hum, like a fan in your house. The wind noise was louder than any of these machines. Most of these scenes were captured in central Illinois just south of I-88 in the DeKalb area.

This video was shot and edited by Bill Coons at Creative Dynamics Studio. The music is licensed through the DeWolfe Music Library. Shot with a Sony PDW-350-HD XDCAM CineAlta camcorder and the Canon stock zoom lens. This was our first HD camera, and although you have to work with it to achieve the best image look, I really miss the disc-based recording format. We still use that camera for meeting v-doc; it sure beats any other medium (other than tape) for acquisition storage after the event.

That said, you can pick out the chromatic aberration in some scenes that shows up as purple fringing on high contrast edges. The original XDCAM HD camcorders had this problem, but it has been resolved in later generations of the XDCAM format. You still see it in DSLR cameras and lower end HD camcorders. Panasonic solved this problem early on with their built-in Chromatic Aberration Correction (CAC) software and the fact that they had several Fuji lenses custom built for the HPX line, most importantly their workhorse AG-HPX500.

This program was edited with Final Cut Pro and the color grading was done with the built in tools.

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