Prancing Jack Productions proudly presents our documentary for Action for Children, "Either Side of the Same Track", following a group of young service users through a variety of workshops on hate-crime, sectarianism and the Holocaust. This is their journey from the West of Scotland to the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and the views and reactions to their visit. Permissions kindly given for us to film at the Museum by the Museum Director.

For further information on stamping out sectarianism please check out these websites:

Mark Adams -
Dave Scott -

We were also very priviliged to be allowed to film on the day when the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was visiting and as you can imagine security was intense at the Museum, so thanks again to Wandy Hutny, Curator for arranging for us to be allowed in very early before he arrived and the museum closed.(8.00am/ this meant a 5.3am start for the young people!).

This project was emotional, thought-provoking and both Jackson and I were honoured to be part of it, so please watch and remember. "Lest we Forget"

Filmed by Jackson and Eileen Frater
Edited by Eileen Frater
A Prancing Jack Production

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