Setup Biped made during my internship at WIP:ON

Spine feature:
-Blend IK/Fk
-Normalized Distance between deformer
-Torsion >720
-Head Rotation Local/Global

Arm/Leg Feature:
-Blend IK/Fk
-Movable elbow
-Curve Control
-Torsion >720
-Diffusable Torsion

Hand Feature:
-Global Control
-Spread Control
-Local Control for classic animation or refine

Foot Feature:
-Local control Footroll
-Global Control Footroll
-Toe control

Global Feature:
-Fully scalable
-Synoptic View
-All option are ice compound easy to replace for optimization purpose
-approximately 14 FPS on my computer (process: intel core 2 quad q6600 ram: 4Go)

Thx to Fabrice Guichard for some trick and Guillaume Baratte for teaching me ICE

Music: Fever Ray - keep the streets empty for me

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