Today's podcast features Philadelphia Theatre Workshop and the premiere of Alex Dremann's "The Invisible Play".

The :nv:s:ble Play
by Alex Dremann
directed by Bill Felty
November 21 - December 13, 2009
Walnut Street Theatre Studio 5

Welcome to the Existential Publishing Company. Some people are being laid off--given a box to pack up their things and get out. Others are simply vanishing--literally. Colin can't decide which is worse. He's fighting to stay visible to win the heart of lovely Fran in the next cubicle. Tim, a handsome assistant editor, is busy sucking up as a means of survival. Nancy, the boss, is oblivious to everything. The rest of the office includes: Ramona, the mysterious plant waterer; Carmen, a sassy and sexy and very pregnant assistant editor; Cass, who's "too old to deal with this sh*t"; and Lawrence, the I.T. guy whom no one's really ever seen. Who can avoid the "HR box of death?" or worse yet, complete invisibility?

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**Music by: Monkey Bacon

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