Conversion comments at multiple levels on our society and its progression on past and current technologies. Using the term “technology” in our language has been deemed as new or evolving. This can also be seen as past, failed, or as historical milestones.
The intended path and materials are employed to take the viewer through an environment that contains familiar objects i.e. the fine art painting or domestic TV set. Multiple steps are taken to transform a painting on canvas into a projected digital video, while most stages (electronics) are visually present; only certain mechanics are hidden due to the function of the piece.
Starting with the painting (broadcast color bars), it invites the viewer in the space. Its format is familiar; even though the subject is presented outside of its intended medium (Television) it is still recognized. The presentation of the painting also indicates a classic form of art in the gallery or museum setting. The painting is then captured via an analog camera and sent to the television set via a wireless feed. The television is of the age that a convertor is needed to transform the video feed in to a pre-cable ready TV set. The color bars are presented on the TV set as a reminder of times past, when stations utilized this for non operational hours. Even though still employed today, it does not hold the same familiarity in society it once had.
The webcam is the first step in digitizing the image (feed) into the computer for further manipulation. Software breaks down the video into basic colors and organizes them in a traditional color scheme. The feed is live at both camera stages; thus creates an opportunity for the viewer to augment the feed at the analog and digital points of capture. This can be from standing in front of the painting to a hand passing in front of the television screen.
Conversion came out of the fact, that we as a society discard numerous items for what ever is a fashionable desire. These amenities are now replaced due in part to trends and believed superiority. In past, these items would have been utilized longer until failure or being outmoded. For example, the home phone would be sold with the house, even after aging thirty plus years. Now, we are sickened at the prospect of holding onto a mobile phone past a one to two year contract. Current technology is only a tolerable form of pacification pending its immediate replacement.

Brian Glaze, 2010

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