CROOKE ROAD - social mimicry in questionable situations

Inspired by the idea of conmen, who often use ‘social mimicry’ like etiquette as a tool to do questionable things, this project illustrates a future of energy restrictions and the consequences of semi-innovative rules.
Imagine the situation when we slowly – but unmistakably – run out of fossil fuels. A situation where the languid consciousness arises, that individuals need to change their life and they realise how hard old habits die.
To mask the short-sighted solutions for the energy problem we gained through the extravagance of the previous years, the government decided to reduce the individual consumption of energy to 7kWh per week. “Crooke Road” is a film that imagines a situation where individuals of a street need to arrange within this questionable situation and find an agreeable status for this small community.

How will this situation affect and change people’s good will?
What kind of rhetoric weapons are they willing to use?
How do group dynamics create a framework to force individual interests and invention making?

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