Initially, "Color the Night" was a short film. My vision for this project was create a artistic platform to bring awareness to charitable causes and social awareness. Because "Color the Night" was crowd funded, it did not reach its ideal financial goal to make a charitable screening tour happen. However, that doesn't mean that this web series cannot still be used to bring about awareness.
My grand mother Ernestine Moss passed away from Breast Cancer and my production partner World Wide Nate's sister Laini Fluellen lost an unfortunate bout with cancer as well. Since her passing, a foundation was founded using her namesake. The mission of Laini Fluellen Charities, Inc. is to continue the work of the organization's namesake by:
Improving health outcomes for African-American & Hispanic women diagnosed with breast cancer by:
1. Raising funds for the research and development of treatments for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC)*.
2. Providing spiritual and educational support through seminars, awareness campaigns and website resources.
Promoting academic and personal development of at-risk students beginning in the 7th grade by providing:
1. One-on-one mentoring relationships throughout the student's academic career and
2. Scholarships based on financial need and academic achievement.
* TNBC or triple negative breast cancer is an aggressive tumor that affects African-American and Hispanic women more often than other ethnic groups.
For more on breast cancer awareness please visit lainifluellencharities.org/
- Emiliano Styles, Director, "Color the Night"

"Color the Night" SYNOPSIS:
When a 20 something woman plans her date night, she sets off on a visually striking journey of colors and hypothetical situations spawned by her active imagination.“Color the Night” takes place inside and outside the mind of NARUMI (Andromeda Turre), the sexy, edgy, versatile, and free-spirited lead as she prepares to host a dinner date at her apartment. She goes through three main stages, initiation, preparation, and arrival of her date GABE (Stephen Hill).
Different objects and moments will spark brief fantasy sequences in which she will be in different environments, wearing different looks all dominated by a specific color.

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