I shot this clip in less than 20 mins on a Canon 5D2 with an L series 17-40 zoom. A few of the shots were at 40mm, no post production stabilization has been used.

This was a hand held AV200 gimbal with Maxon brushless motors and Alex Moss boards in Follow Me mode.

I have been testing variations of the indirect brushless AV200 for the last two weeks - firstly with Tiger motors and now the Maxons - I feel the Maxons are superior in that they have more torque and much less cogging.

This was pretty much my first real hit out at handholding a brushless gimbal - There is room for improvement both with my technique and the tuning of the gimbal but for a first up effort I was happy with what we achieved so quickly.

I really think these AV200 modifications have opened up a whole new world of low cost brushless stabilization and will sit very nicely in the Photohigher product line below the full blown Halo series gimbals. I certainly would prefer to use a gimbal in this price range on one of my multi rotors and I think they will work brilliantly - so that is my next mission, to get the AV200/Maxon/Alex Moss setup in the air !

A big thanks to Jess from sky-hook.tv for wandering aimlessly through the forest pretending she wasn't freezing to death !


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