This is my submission to the Make Art Now Facebook Group October (extended to November 15th) Challenge for Sound Reactive Compositions.

All the other work looks great - I wanted to push myself to join in :)

This was created using processing and the minim library to translate the audio signal to control variables of different sketches. In this example I am using seven real time processing sketches, each of them are all analyzing the audio input which is adjusting different variables. This is all fed into Resolume via Syphon and mixed real time. There is a Korg Nano Kontrol hooked up to each sketch with nobs that allow me to manually adjust some variables via midi (using the midibus library), I am also using a Korg Nanopad 2 to trigger on and off the sketches in resolume. There are also a few layers of Resolume effects that got triggered at different times, the sliders of which were mapped to the audio input as well inside of resolume.

I have been experimenting with processing off and on for about a year. It has been my first attempt at any code of any sort. I am hoping to keep learning, but also wanting to check out some other methods.

My frame rate started to suffer in the making of this, between having 7 sketches mixed in resolume and screen recorded. But I think the glitchy thing is what I was kinda going for anyways.

Also big thanks to the processing community for putting so much awesome stuff out there and making it easier to learn. And thank you to 'Make Art Now' for putting this fun challenge together.

Here is a link to a project that lays out the basics of what I am using in my sketches. Add the folders in the libraries folder to your processing libraries folder and open the .pde It should open and use your default audio input on your computer to make a basic audio wave form that gets sent to syphon. It is also set up for midi and osc.

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