Some preseason hype for all the fiends out there waiting for the lifts to start turning...

Tom Bennett, Stephon Deifer, Aaron Oquendo, Devin Allen, Nils Samuelson, Jared Beck, Veroniqi Hanssen, Jon Macdonald, Brendon Krainer, Jarrett Adams, Chris Reitsma, Chris Sweiger, Jake Schaible, Zach Artiaga, Alex Broussard, Sisi Cavaretti, Kevin Lonergan, Dilan Phu, Grant Garges, Lacey Slifer, and Oliver Dixon-Cider

Filmed by: Kevin Lonergan and the worms
Edited by: Kevin Lonergan

The Sword
"Dying Earth"

Lil' Wyte ft Hypnotize Camp Posse
"Posse Song"

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