As part of a partner project, Bruce Haggard was 3D modeled upon the character designs by my partner. His pose and background music was determined to match that of his personality and backstory as can be read below.

Bruce Haggard is quiet man in his mid 40s working in a dog shelter called "Bruce's Dog Cottage". Despite the friendly name of the shelter, the atmosphere of it is the complete opposite - gloomy and dreadful. Bruce watches the older dogs in this shelter wait for the day they are 'put to sleep' as normally no one seems to want to adopt these old fellas. Although this is something sad, it does not affect Bruce at all. To him it's a normal routine since he's witnessed the death of many dogs throughout the years of working in the shelter.

In the past, Bruce was very passionate about dogs. It had always been his dream as a child to work in a dog shelter so he could ensure that the abandoned or lost dogs would be sent to loving homes. Unfortunately, after starting work he found out about the harsh reality - older dogs are often put down in order to make room for new dogs, and that the dogs sent to the shelter are only given a short amount of time before they face the same fate as the older dogs. After seeing many dogs put to a cruel fate, Bruce's dream soon faded away and became quite aloof and indifferent to the happenings and surroundings. Bruce lives his life without any kind of goal or sympathy for dogs and just waits for the days to pass.

One night, Bruce finds an abandoned puppy and takes it to the dog shelter thinking that a cute young puppy like this one would be adopted in no time. Weeks go by and Bruce was proven wrong as the puppy was taken away to be put down. Later on, a woman named Anne Porter visits the dog shelter looking for a puppy that had been abandoned, matching the description of the one that had recently been put down. After Anne hears the bad news about the puppy she tells Bruce the story of the puppy and has an emotional break down in front of him. He feels no sympathy for the woman but after years of feeling nothing he feels disgusted and appalled at Anne and lectures her about how she should live up to her responsibilities and care for the puppy. From his sudden outbursts, he realises what he just said applies to him too.

Modeling, Rigging, Animating, Technical Lighting - Mark S. Diaz
Character Design, Colour Design - Martina Oh

"Oppressive Gloom" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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