QUANTA was screened as part of Leftfield and Luscious at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, on Sun 12th Jan, 2014. A programme specially selected by the LSFF team showcasing the best in new experimental shorts from stunning animations to groundbreaking artist’s work.

A room like no other, once in, reality in the form previously experienced is no longer a possibility. The young woman in the film has entered the room. She is transported to realms and places that bring with them reminders of the world she wishes to construct. And then there is the material realm, someone is trapped, the golden cage seems more comforting than ever.

An exuberant and complex experimental video, with rhythmic distortions containing an unrecognizable abstraction of symbols and artifacts. Despite this, the story contains a beginning, middle and end, with a set of visual transitions depicting the passage from the various states the realm evokes.

On the go filmmaking, no schedule, simple props using whatever is available. The footage has been filmed on a Canon 600D and a mobile phone camera, with the majority of the footage being filmed on reflective surfaces, thus the director, is the camera and the subject of the film.

The editing and sound effects made it into a cohesive fantasy film aiming to induce an oniric and entrancing effect to the viewer.

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